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Gulf Brothers Hair Fixing provides you with the best natural-looking hair fixing solutions.

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Our Non – Surgical Hair Replacement technique of Hair restoration is unique, practical and reliable with on-demand stocks matching various customer requirements exactly matching the colour, texture, density, length of the hair etc.

Enhance Confidence

Enhance Confidence

The biggest benefit of Hair Replacement Systems is that you not only get your handsome good looks and a full head of hair again, but your confidence and life back.



Many hair restoration procedures involve surgical complications including the risk of infections, scarring which is not in the case of hair systems.

Zero Side Effects

Zero Side Effects

The use of a Hair Replacement System does require clips or adhesives to attach it with your existing hair or to scalp.

Customized Design

Customized Design

Hair Replacement Systems can be designed, according to individual requirements like the colour of hair and texture of hair.


Non Surgical Hair Fixing.

Gulf Brothers Hair Fixing is a multinational hair fixing service provider, operating since 1998. We brought an innovative approach that will help people to change their bald appearance, have a natural hair look, and feel more confident. We are proud to be able to bring happiness to so many people who were disappointed because of their baldness.

Hair Fixing

The use of a Hair Replacement System does require clips or adhesives to attach it with your existing hair or to scalp. But these things do not cause for any side effects when compared to other methods like surgery, use of any other internal or external medicines having to grow hair.


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The Hair is a richest ornament of every men and women. Gulf Brothers Hair Fixing provides you the best natural looking hair fixing solutions. Normally Hair fixing is a non-surgical hair replacement Procedure and it gives you exact natural look and feel. We offers different style PU patches having 100% natural look. Gulf Brothers Hair Fixing is always with you to restore your actual beauty. we are able to deliver stunning results in a short period of time and cost-effective manner. Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.


Years of Operation

Our team have been running well for about 24 years and keeps going.


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We assure you 100% results from Our best hair fixing professionals


Happy Customers

We have more than 10K happy clients who got their hair & confidence back.

99.9  Customer Satisfaction

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Gulf Brothers Hair Fixing happy to help you to overcome this crisis in a couple of time. Our firm developed an artificial hair for wipe your baldness forever, which looks and feel naturally.


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Hair Replacement / Hair Fixing is a non-surgical treatment to cure the partial. Hair replacement basically involves fixing additional strands of hair (Hair Patch) to the Bald area.

Hair patch is a kind of hair wigs but they are smaller in size & very naturally looking than the full wigs. Hair wigs is suitable only for completely bald scalp.

Yes, Hair replacement/ Hair Fixing is suitable for both.


Many people are going for non-surgical hair replacement procedures because these techniques produce an instant result that is natural and easier. There are different types of hair replacement procedures available and the cost will depend on which type you choose. You should always make sure that you arrange an initial consultation with your hair experts to know the exact cost of your hair replacement procedure. Here at Gulf Brothers Hair Fixing, you can book an appointment so that our hair experts and technical team can provide a clear treatment plan and costs before moving forward.

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