More than half of the male population is affected by baldness by the age of 50. Most women too experience hair loss, though it’s less noticeable among them because they usually have longer hair.

Gulf brothers hairfixing provides economic & safe solutions for baldness.

The Process:

The designing is done according to the structure & thickness of the existing hair. If the existing hair of the person is curly or straight visa versa the hair can be find accordingly. And the main important thing is we design only for the particular area if it is at the centre portion only that part can be find if it is at the front portion only that part also can be find. This fixed hair can be combed in any direction can have bath, can swing, can do all normal activities

One thing is to be cared that these hair is not a living hair it has no life. So this does not grow so just care it, according to the instruction given by the advisers.

Gulf Brothers makes you look the way you want to be appeared.