By giving pleasure and solace to those who lost their hair due to baldness and other diseases, Gulf Brothers Hair Fixing has commenced its operation in various parts of the globe.

We have developed an artificial hair which has textured and look exactly like the original hair. We are enhancing your appearence which helps to increase your confidence level.

Tryout the new stylish and natural way to keep you beautiful and confident

Thank You

Shajahan Aykkapadath | MD & CEO


By 2015, Gulf Brothers Hair fixing will be the most reputed hair fixing company, committed to creating quality and stylish answer to baldness, and offering competitive prices, while maintaining outstanding relationships with our clients.


For the people who loose hair by baldness and various diseases, Gulf Brothers hair fixing has bought a high quality hair which has the same color and texture of natural hair. With 100% natural look. Where you?ll have confidence in traveling in bike, swim and you can comb your hair in any of your style. Our Mission is to bring that to each and every one to REGAIN CONFIDENCE.